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A bathroom remodel project isn’t something you decide on impulse. There are factors to be considered, and a budget needs to be set. Updating your old bathroom can set you back several thousands of dollars and it’s only right that you find bathroom renovation ideas so that you can make better choices. But where exactly can you find bathroom renovation ideas?

Magazines / Books

You can get bathroom renovation ideas from magazines. There are specific magazines devoted to kitchens and bathrooms as well as those that feature home decors and design such as Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, and many others. Browsing through these magazines might be a little time consuming but they’re very helpful in giving you not only some nice ideas but also some tips on how to budget, how to choose the right colors, and even where to buy the supplies.

Many full-color paperback books are also available. Some are great for getting ideas because they have pictures of completed bathroom. Other books are specifically for the do-it-yourselfer. If your remodel is a DIY project, these books can be very helpful because they often have step by step photos of projects such as installing a shower surround.


Showrooms are excellent places to get ideas for a bathroom remodel. They usually showcase the most modern and most beautiful designs. Visiting showrooms will give you some very good ideas on what fixtures are trending now and what color schemes to go for. At the same time, looking into their displays will also help you visualize the outcome of your project.

Modern bathtub

If you know of any large home improvement stores or interior design stores in your area, they usually have areas set aside that display bathroom concepts. Take time to visit them and take down notes if you can. Some bathroom showrooms also give out brochures which you can use to get ideas for your bathroom improvement.


The Internet is an easy-to-use source of bathroom renovation ideas and well as helpful tips and advice. A quick search on Google will lead you to thousands of designs and concepts, and for sure you will find at least a few that will fit your requirements in terms of space and budget.

You can visit the sites of known bathroom fixture manufacturers and browse through their products. Not only will this give you some design ideas but it will also provide information on how much certain fixtures cost. For example, if you browse through the website of a faucet and showerhead manufacturer or supplier, you can check the prices of their products. This will help give you an estimate of the cost of your project.

You can also check the websites of remodeling contractors and designers because they will most likely have samples to show you from their portfolio. However, keep in mind that just because these are shown in their gallery doesn’t mean you should use their ideas. Don’t be in a hurry to find bathroom renovation ideas. Instead, take your time in gathering information and making comparisons.


If you feel that the ideas you’ve obtained so far don’t quite fit what you want for your bathroom improvement project, your best recourse would be to set an appointment with an expert in bathroom remodeling. This could be an interior designer or a remodeling contractor.

Experts would be more than happy to give you advice and help you complete your project on the budget you have set. But remember to find out as much information as possible about them before making the decision to hire them. Ask them about their previous projects and check if you can talk to their clients so you can properly assess the quality of their work before doing business with them.

Friends and Neighbors

You are not the first person to remodel a bathroom. Just ask any of your friends about their experiences and you’re sure to get good stories that can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Also, you might have seen plumbing or renovation contractor trucks in front of a neighbor’s home. Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor about their experience. Most of us are more than willing to tell you our bathroom remodel “war stories.”


Bathroom remodeling is an expensive project, and it is very important to gather as many bathroom renovation ideas as possible before you decide to go ahead with your own project.

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