Apr 282012

The guest post below describes three different types of bathtubs you might want to consider putting in your bathroom to create an elegantly and visually appealing room. Freestanding: As the name implies, this is the type of tub that stands alone in the bathroom with no attachment to the walls for support. This frees up [Read more here]

Aug 302011

VIDEO VERSION Along with bathtubs and showers, sinks are an important part of a handicap accessible bathroom. The proper sink allows people who are physically challenged or in a wheelchair to take care of their basic cleaning habits such as brushing their teeth, washing their faces and hands, and shaving. Pedestal Sink One type of [Read more here]

May 062011

The shower is a wet environment where moisture can accumulate and lead to the growth of bacteria or mold. Black mold and other fungi in your shower can become a health risk. Shower chairs and shower seats, whether built-in or freestanding, are at risk of attracting mold and mildew. Even the rubber tips on the [Read more here]

May 052011

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning their shower, but when you think about the mildew and bacteria that can easily grow there you know it’s something you have to do. Follow these steps to make your shower cleaning easier. Safety First For the sake of safety make sure the room is ventilated by opening the window [Read more here]

May 052011

You can’t feel clean if you’re in a dirty shower. Prevention of mold and mildew are two of the main reasons why it’s so important that you keep your shower and tub extremely clean. Many people have heard of the harmful and dangerous effects of black mold, but this is only one of the thousands [Read more here]