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Are you tired of the look of your current bathroom? If that’s the case, then it’s time for a bathroom upgrade. Modern times call for modern bathroom designs and fixtures, and if yours is looking rather outdated, here are some bathroom improvement ideas that won’t break your budget. And using some or all of these ideas can help you avoid having to do a complete bathroom remodel.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are known to make an area look bigger than it actually is. In the case of bathrooms, you can add mirrors to make it more spacious. You can place one mirror in the sink area, and one ceiling to floor mirror in one area of your bathroom which will serve a functional purpose and at the same time make the room appear bigger.

Both fog-free and tilting mirrors are now available. A tilting mirror should be used for a handicap-accessible bathroom.

Paint Walls

These days, the trend in bathroom wall paint colors are light shades like cream, the palest shade of yellow, and even white. Light walls can make the bathroom look brighter and spacious.

On the other hand, some people use dark walls with colorful accessories to create a dramatic effect in their bathroom. This is a decision based on personal taste.

Painting your walls isn’t expensive so this is something you can do even with a very limited budget.

Improve Lighting

Bathroom lighting, though seemingly insignificant, actually plays an important role in a bathroom improvement project. Proper lighting can also help improve the safety of a bathroom.

You need to choose your lighting well and if you want to save on your electric bills (even by a small margin) you can do so by using LED lighting. There are many options for this type of lighting and you can pick those for mood lighting and those for functional purposes such as when you shave or apply makeup.

Many bathroom mirrors also come with lighting fixtures, so keep this in mind when choosing mirrors.

Add Storage

The thing with bathrooms is that they are usually too cramped. People put so many things in their bathroom, and fill it up with large and heavy cabinets and shelves.

Modern bathroom storage solutions are more space-efficient, and they’re not made of thick or bulky wood materials that will only make your bathroom appear even smaller than it really is.

Hang racks where you will put your toiletries and hair products, and place a shelf above the door for added storage. Just make sure it is securely installed for your safety. You can also install pullout cabinets and place baskets in strategic places where you can store items like towels and underwear.

Add Wall Art

Wall art can do so much to enhance the look of any bathroom but it’s especially important to know which ones to use. Check magazines and the Internet for ideas on trending wall art.

If you have a small bathroom, choose art designs that will be suitable for your bathroom based on scale. There are custom wall art and accents which can really help you get the design you want, however if you’re on a tight budget, you can always go for ready-made artworks. Remember to choose murals and artwork that are specific for bathrooms to ensure they are waterproof.

Install Clear Shower Doors

Shower doors can contribute to making a bathroom look small or large, If your objective is to make yours look big, you should install clear shower doors. They come in many sizes and thicknesses. Some even have art etched into the clear glass.

A shower doors might be one of the high-ticket items in your bathroom renovation project but it’s well worth your money, especially if what you have now is an old shower door or one that only constricts the space in your bathroom.

Update Fixtures

If your budget allows it, it’s recommended that you upgrade your toilet and sink.

Outdated fixtures only serve to make your bathroom look drab and old, whereas upgrading them can make it appear modern and will also make the time you spend there more enjoyable.

A bathroom upgrade is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. If it’s time for an upgrade, make decisions wisely and plan it well.

For additional help, read Planning Your Bathroom Improvement Project.

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