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For a price, you can have a bathroom mirror TV. Basically, it’s a two-way mirror with a flat screen TV behind it. Below is an already published article that summarizes this technology. With permission, it’s reprinted here.

By the way, this little luxury item will cost you from $850 to $3,500 US, quite a bit more than a typical showerhead!

Be Like Trump: Installing a Television in Your Bathroom Mirror

Author: Youri Naimark

Yeah, we know: having a television in your bathroom is a tad ridiculous. No question that’s why Donald Trump has them installed in all his hotel bathrooms! Who needs to watch television while they brush their teeth? But that’s not the point. It’s a luxury, something you can do to make your bathroom truly the best room in your house. With this addition, you can make a regular, old bathroom into your personal place of relaxation!

Televisions that are installed behind mirrors use some pretty interesting technology to keep them hidden. Your mirror will need to be two-way, partially reflective and partially transparent. These mirrors allow things that are brightly lit on one side of the mirror to shine through to a darker side, like a television. By placing a flat-screen television behind a polarized mirror, you can watch your favorite show while getting ready to go out or catch the news before you leave for work in the morning. Best of all, if you don’t want the television at all, simply turn it off, you will only see a mirrored surface where its screen normally appears!

You can purchase a plasma or LCD television screen specifically for mirror placement. Companies like Mirror Media and Seura offer many different choices for these televisions, many of them custom built for your bathroom design.

This is really a project for a professional installer because of the care necessary when handling a large mirror and heavy television. Your bathroom’s lighting may need to be changed, as the polarized mirror is more sensitive to glares and direct light than normal mirrors. Make sure your installer has worked with mirror TVs before and knows how to conceal the wires in the wall properly.

Your installer will need to fit the television into a cut out in the wall behind where the mirror will go. It can be wall hung or flush mounted to ensure that it has the sleek look mirror televisions are known for. If your bathroom doesn’t have a separate circuit or cable hook up, you will probably want an electrician to come check it out. Set up a consultation with one before you purchase your television to ensure that your bathroom is compatible with a mirror television and the cost of installation is within your means. If you are thinking about installing your television in an existing wall, you will probably need a tile installer’s help, as well. It is important that you get a television specifically made for this purpose, they are fog-free and waterproof, features a normal television doesn’t need to have.

No matter what you might think about the level of luxury, bathroom televisions can certainly add elegance and enjoyment to any home spa. Although it isn’t really necessary, wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie while relaxing in the tub, or watch the traffic report while showering for work? Have your bathroom checked out for compatibility and do some research on the best technology, and you could have your own Trump hotel at home!

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Youri Naimark was an construction engineer for 20 years (specializing in coal mine construction). After moving to US in 2002, Youri scaled down and started a Denver tile installation company.