Apr 102011

A shower curtain is much more than just a hanging sheet of plastic that keeps water inside your shower. Shower curtains today are decorative expressions of taste and personality. There are thousands of designs, styles and accessories, which will enhance and compliment any bathroom decor.

Shower curtain shopping used to be very simple. There were very few choices or options. Now when you go to select a shower curtain you have a number of options – all of which will make your bathroom more elegant. You are going to have to consider things like curtain liners, rods, rings and fabric. All of these items are related and are going to have visual impact on each other.

Selection Strategy

Before you go and look at curtains, you should have a starting point or a strategy.

  • What is the overall theme of the bathroom?
  • Do you have your colors selected?

Once these decisions are made, you should choose a curtain. The type of curtain that you select will affect all the other products that you will need to buy to achieve a consistent look in your bathroom.

For example, if your house is done in an ultra modern style, you may want to pick a contemporary style or a designer style. You might even want to have a curtain that features a double swag. These are shower curtains that part in the center.

If you are planning to decorate a child’s bathroom you can find curtains that feature everything from animals to popular cartoon characters.

If you do not yet have a theme or a color selected, take a quick glance at the curtains that are available. Some people prefer to pick their curtain first and then plan the rest of the bathroom around it.



Shower curtains are available in different types of fabrics. Common fabrics include polyester, vinyl or plastic.

If you select a polyester curtain, you will need to wash it occasionally to make certain that is does not get mildew. Polyester and other cloth curtains are probably going to need a shower curtain liner to ensure that they keep the water in the tub. The vinyl will not require washing, but it may need to be wiped down occasionally to keep it germ free. There are a number of curtains that are now being manufactured with an antibacterial and mildew resistant compound.

Attaching the Curtain

You do not have to pick a curtain that requires the use of hooks. There are thousands of shower curtains that slide directly over the rod or that use snaps. If you do decide that this is what you want, you may need to change the rod in the bathroom.

Shower curtain rods come in a number of different diameters and styles. The arc shaped rod is becoming more popular and can be easily installed in almost any shower. There are even circular shaped rods to hold a shower curtain that will wrap around a freestanding clawfoot tub shower combination.

If you choose a standard curtain, you will need to get hooks. Numerous retailers provide hooks that are made to compliment the curtain. Additionally, if you want the entire room to match, you may want to look at other available matching accessories.


Attention to detail is what makes any decor come together. Having a theme and color plan right at the beginning will make your decisions easier and faster. The shower curtain can be the focal point of your bathroom, so if you want the bathroom to look its best, start with a plan.

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