Apr 112011

Your shower can take a lot of abuse. Think of all the moisture and humidity that it is subjected to on a daily basis. It is no wonder that it doesn’t take long before it begins to look old and tired. Renovations can be extremely costly and inconvenient. However, you can avoid many of these costs and give your bathroom a much-needed lift by simply installing a beautiful shower surround.

A shower surround  acts as a stylish 3-wall barrier to protect water from leaking from your shower through to your walls. Surrounds are made to be attached to the walls of the bathroom and can easily be installed in a day. Many of them can go right over your existing shower wall. Even if you have tiles on the walls around your tub right now, chances are that you can install a new surround right over them. Additionally, surrounds can be cut to fit any type of existing tap and faucet combinations.

The wonderful thing about surrounds is that they come in relatively few pieces. In fact, some are actually one solid piece. This means that once installed there is very little chance of any leaks or water damage to the walls, and you will not have to spend a lot of time messing with caulking.

Shower surrounds are available in a number of different materials. Among your choices are ceramic, fiberglass, and acrylic. If you do not want to change or alter the other fixtures in the bathroom, you can get a surround that will fit into any motif. You can also select from a vast range of solid colors. White and bone are no longer the only available choices on the market. In truth, if you do not want a solid color, there are many different designs and patterns that you can pick from. Popular choices include faux marble, granite, or stone.

Your personal choices do not stop there. Shower surrounds are available for both stand-up showers, as well as for the bathtub, as detailed in What Tub Shower Combinations are Available?  If you want to avoid the typical square shower look, think about a shower surround that has rounded corners. This design gives the shower a softer look.

In addition, among your surround choices are options such as built-in shelves and soap dishes. Depending on the number of accessories that you and your family tend to have in the bathroom, you can pick a single shelf or perhaps one that provides shelves at both ends. To prevent falls many of these units also have safety handles and grab bars.

If you’re handy, you might want to consider purchasing a shower surround kit and doing the install yourself.  Because they are made to attach to bathroom walls, surrounds are light and easy to handle.

One caution is to make sure you have measured the size of your bathroom doorway.  You want to be sure the shower surround you buy will fit through the door.  You may have to buy a kit with separate surround pieces to fit through your door.

The next time that you walk into your bathroom and look at your old worn out shower, think about giving it a makeover. By simply adding a shower surround, you can give it a completely new look and feel.