May 052011

You can’t feel clean if you’re in a dirty shower. Prevention of mold and mildew are two of the main reasons why it’s so important that you keep your shower and tub extremely clean. Many people have heard of the harmful and dangerous effects of black mold, but this is only one of the thousands of kinds of bacteria and fungi that can accumulate in the bathroom, and especially in your shower.

Below are some of the tools you can use to make cleaning your shower easier. Read Steps To Clean Your Shower for details about getting your shower cleaner.

Basic Shower Cleaning Tools

If you have tiles in your shower, one area that you have to ensure gets properly cleaned is the grout. Grout is a major source of both mildew and mold. Even if you cannot see the mold, it may still be there. One of the best ways to sanitize grout is to get a good grout brush and a bacterial killing soap product.

A good grout brush needs to have strong bristles and the best ones will not have a flat surface. You want to make sure that the brush gets into the grout. Many brushes skim across the tile but do not get right into the grooves with the grout.

Most companies seal grout when it is used in a bathroom, but over time sealants become ineffective and water absorbs into the grout. You may eventually have to reseal the grout in your shower.

Moisture is one of the main reasons that a shower can become moldy. A squeegee is a perfect way to clean off all the excess water in the shower, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Squeegees not only reduce the moisture in the bathroom, they will also help to prevent water spots. You can use your squeegee on tile, walls, and especially glass shower doors.

Another alternative is to get a good shower cloth. There are many different kinds available and many of them come with built-in disinfectants. After every use of the shower, you can quickly use one to wipe down the entire shower.

If the thought of cleaning out hair in shower drains makes you ill, a drain cleaning tool is available. Basically, it’s a piece of plastic with grooves on it that slides into your drain and lets you lift out any hair that’s in there. You can then dump it without having to touch it.


Automatic Shower Cleaner Kits

Some people find that an easier way to keep their shower clean is to use an automatic shower cleaner. These come in kits with a sprayer that spins to put cleaning fluid on all the walls of the shower. Your press a button and walk away.

These products not only are simple to use, but are effective at killing all kinds of bacteria, can last for over thirty days, and have a pleasing scent. This type of setup will greatly reduce the chance of any kind of bacterial growth and will keep the shower fresh and odor free. There are two settings on most of these products, one for quick jobs and one for deeper cleaning. They are safe for almost all kinds of showers or tub-shower combinations and can be used daily.


Steam is another great way to help keep bacteria and germs from growing in your bathroom. One of the big advantages of using a streamer for cleaning is that it kills gems without using harsh chemicals. Additionally, with a steam cleaner, you can guide the spray right into grout and other small areas ensuring that they are sanitized.

With the many shower cleaning tools available you should have no excuses for not cleaning your shower.