Nov 232009

Installing grab bars in your bathrooms can greatly reduce the risk of people ever falling on the slippery surface. Not only is water slippery, but the soaps that you use have a tendency to build up on the shower floor, causing a very slimy residue that can become incredibly slick when it’s wet.

A slick and/or wet floor poses a danger when you enter or leave the shower as well as when you move around in the shower. A slippery bathtub also presents a danger when someone is getting in or out of it.

Someone can even lose their footing or slip when getting up from a toilet.

Having a grab bar to hold on in these situations can greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. This is especially important for adults over 65. For them, falling is the leading cause for emergency room visits. But don’t forget the problem someone can have if they are temporarily disabled such as when their foot is in a cast.

There are two primary types of grab bars: the wall mounted and the portable.

Wall-Mounted Grab Bars

The wall mounted grab bar is a cylindrical bar that is permanently screwed into the shower or bathtub wall. It will help people remain steady while getting into and out of the bathtub or shower and when they are moving around in the shower. It will also allow them to raise and lower themselves should they use a shower seat or built-in shower bench in the shower.

Before attaching the portable grab bar make sure the enclosure surface is smooth, non-porous and free of oils, dirt, or anything else that would prevent a tight fit. Then press firmly down and make sure the release levers are locked in place. Test the bar to be sure it can keep you steady before actually using it.

If the suction cups on these types of grab bars are made of mostly natural rubber, they can be incredibly strong. As long as you prepare the surface properly prior to installation, you should be easily able to use the bar to keep yourself stable when getting in and out of the shower.


Everyone can benefit from using grab bars in the bathroom, not just seniors or people with disabilities. Using a grab bar can save people a trip or two to the chiropractor, and possibly even the emergency room.

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